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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 8, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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edge of the storm. and our forecast today will feature more sunshine after early morning cloudiness. 44 right now in washington. dulles is 42. 43 bwi marshal. high temperatures for today, better than yesterday. yesterday in the mid 40s. today upper 40s and low 50s. it will be breezy but with sunshine building in should feel better than yesterday. more details on the warmup this weekend in just a minute. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. a nor'easter that hammered new york and new jersey is heading new england. residents still recovering from sandy in a blanket of wet snow. and thousands more in the dark. >> mother nature is killing us right now. sorry for whatever we did. we'll make it up to you. >> this is it. i'm getting anxiety walking
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around seeing what i'm going to do. and other people too, this is crazy. i don't know what to do any more. i don't want to live in long beach. >> the morning commute in both states is said to be going smoothly. and no problems with the subway system in new york. this is the scene in massachusetts where there were car crashes on nearly every street in one town. as the bay state got four inches of snow. >> the election is over but president obama now has a number of pressing issues on his plate. the most immediate is confronting the so-called fiscal cliff. >> if the president in congress cannot fix it, experts say we will be headed for another recession. has to do with the bush era tax cuts.
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$440 billion worth. john boehner says he is open with putting politics aside and making a deal with the president. they have until january 1st from preventing the economy from going over that cliff. another issue for the president is appointing a new secretary of state. clinton is not expected to return but may stay a few weeks after the president is sworn in again. >> election officials in virginia are considering changes after long lines force some to wait for hours to cast their ballot. the commonwealth is considering switching from the touch screen mondays to optical scans. turn out was less than in 2004 or 2008. there were complaints about long lines and registration issues. now investigating the voting problems there.
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>> other top stories, gabby giffords will meet her shooter today. face-to-face with the man who shot her in the head at close range. he is due in court this morning for the first time. he pleaded guilty in august to the shooting and find out his sentence later today. a disturbing attack in falls church, virginia. >> a man assaulted a teenage girl at a public library. melanie is live outside the thomas jefferson library with more. >> reporter: police have pretty good details here on the suspect. sometimes we don't get as good information as they have. library workers here say this man has been scene hanging out at the library in the past. they were able to recognize them after the attack. the 17-year-old girl says she spent most of the day tuesday at the library and noticed a guy starring at her. she got up to
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leave around 9:00 and she told police the man started following her. she decided to duck into the women's restroom instead of walking out into the dark parking lot alone. but the man followed her in there. he touched and pushed her. she fought back kicking and screaming. the suspect got away. this has patrons a little nervous. >> i've never seen anything like that happened. it surprised me to hear that. >> are you going to do anything different now that you've heard about this? >> probably not go to the bathroom or have my cell phone on me. >> definitely watch out as i leave more or not park the car as far as i sometimes do. >> they told police they had seen this guy here before. he was familiar to them but never given them any trouble in the past. and a really good description. police say the man is black, medium complex.
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between five feet sefb en. shave enbald head. brown eyes. gap in his front teeth and a scar on his forward. carrying a brown or tan soft leather briefcase. again, one of those things a really good description. it's possible library patrons here maybe they know who he is. fairfax county police are asking for anyone in the public to please get in touch with them. >> thank you. >> also police in fairfax county are stepping up their search for a serial fondler. here's a sketch of the man. he is described as being hispanic, medium build with dark hair and wearing a red cap during many of the attacks. so far 9 women have said they were attacked by a man fitting this description. each time the men were grabbed
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from behind before the suspect ran await a minute the latest incident happened last thursday in springfield. >> in prince georges county police are investigating a shooting that killed a man in hill crest heights on 23rd parkway around 9:00 last night as police were responding to a report of gunshots when they found a man in the street. he had been shot multiple times and died on the way to the hospital. no word on a suspect or a motive. dc's major crash team trying to figure out what caused a car to burst into flames last night. the driver crashed around 9:00 in the 1400 block of brentwood parkway northeast. the accident involved just one vehicle. the victim's identity has not been released. >> new this morning from the district. two people have gone to the hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. first responded around 7:45 this
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morning at a home in the 900 block of angraham street. there's no word right now on what caused the leak. the injuries are not thought to be life threatening. also new this morning a couple earthquakes rocked the western hemisphere. 48 people died in the worst earthquake to hit guatemala in 36 years. another 100 people are missing. and the number of dead is expected to go up. 2,000 soldiers are helping search for dozens of people buried. it was a powerful 7.4 and affected every single region. then, early this morning, a strong 6.3 earthquake struck off canada's pacific coast. centered near vancouver island 85 miles off the coast of british columbia. no reports of damage and no tsunami warning. >> he helped our troops keeping
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them and our country safe. >> coming up meet gabe, who will be honored as our nation's top dog as his work with the military. >> i will sit down with gabe and his handler to learn more about his mission. >> and how you can help the humane association. we'll be right back. 
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he has served more than 200 combat missions in iraq. this beautiful baby gabe is honored as the american humane association's top dog. joining us this morning in studio is fantastic gabe. good morning to you. >> tell her good morning. good morning. tell her good morning. >> i can't make it. i'm going to cry . his handler charles good morning to you. and mark from the american humane
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association. wonderful to have you here. during this whole decade of war we often honor our heroes and they come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. tell us about gabe. >> he's a 10 year old lab. he was in iraq . he retired in 2009 but we still work with schools and telling kids stay in school and work hard. all he does now is play with tennis balls and eat lots of treats. >> how close are you two? >> he's retired so he lives with me at home. he wouldn't work with the next guy so they retired him and been living with me ever since. >> he got attached to you. >> we are father and son. >> i love it. >> you're honoring gabe tonight and the work of all of these
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animals. tell us about the work you do. >> absolutely. for 135 years the american humane association has been the voice for america's children and animals. kept them safe from abuse and neglect. and with dogs, we have such a close bond with dogs. we think for thousands of years, they protected us. comforted us and given us unconditional love. it's time to throw them a bone. give them recognition. and that's why we started the hero dog awards to celebrate that undying and close bond between people and animals. >> sergeant, i know you said call me chuck but i must call you sergeant. tell me about the work service dogs do. let's focus on gabe. what did he do? >> i can tell you there's so many great military working dogs out there doing great things. and gabe had 210 missions.
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everything from raids, searches, traffic control planes. if we found one thing, it's one less thing the enemy has to kill american forces. and gabe had 26 finds. weapons and ammunition. >> when we see working dogs and i said to you is it okay to pet him. does it do anything for the moral of soldiers or you don't get to throw that tennis ball when you are working? >> when the dog is working, he's working. when he's not working, he's a pet to the soldiers. we would take gabe over a lot of the times if the soldier got killed, then he becomes like where the soldiers can cry on their shoulder. so they are back and forth. but of course main mission over there is to find bombs. >> okay. and gabe went through a very intense screening process.
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how was he chosen? >> hundreds of dogs were nominated and america voted on this. we received over 3 million votes to choose 8 category winners. they'll all be show cased tonight and terrific heart warming and funny. some heart breaking stories. and finally we had a second round and america voted. all star panel including whoopi goldberg. and experts in the animal field. and this dog here came out top dog. #12k3w4r we're talking about military service now. but just to break from gabe for a second, your organization also does a lot of work with storm victims and reuniting animals. you've been contacted with helping with sandy. >> yes. 60 million people were in the path of sandy. and there were 30 million pets who were living with them. so 15 million dogs, 14 million cats. more than a million horses.
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devastating to the eastern sea board. so we'll be in new jersey, in new york. we've already been in pennsylvania and delaware going to shelters and with the help of morris pet care and animal health and other great donors we're going to be delivering hundreds and thousands of pounds of supplies and food. >> and if folks want to get involved do we have an snunt. >> yes. we need every bit of help we can get. or text humane to 80888. >> in the last seconds we have, sergeant i want to focus on you and gabe. you said these days he gets to play a lot. >> he does. >> i got to know more about him. 10 years old. does he ever -- often we hear about when we come home from the front lines lingering affects, do you ever see him wanting to get
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involved and do more? what's his temperament like? >> he still likes to sniff everything when we're out and about. but he just pretty much relaxes at the house in south carolina. >> i love it. >> to get the word out there about war dogs. and right now for the victims of sandy. gabe thinks he's a hero. >> we think he's a hero. >> there are so many heroes out there on the east coast doing great things for animals. gabe, we're honored and humbled to be part of the association. the other 7 finalists are truly amazing friends and the dogs have such amazing stories. any of them could have won. we were so gracious our charity was able to get $10,000 to support war dogs. >> wonderful for you to say. we honor all of your service and thank you so much for coming in and bringing gabe in today. you are a really good boy.
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>> give her a high five. >> thank you so much. >> so wonderful. wonderful dog. >> stock s slid just one day after the election. can they bounce back today. coming up next, checking in with fox network. holly is learning about knitting. >> reporter: yes. it is one of my favorite things to do and i might have new favorite yarn. and the coolest thing is it comes from local sheep. we're live in leases burg. i also may have a new shop. we're going to take you there live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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8@ esburg. i also may have a new shop. we're going to take you there live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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welcome back. all eyes on wall street after stocks took a tumble. >> for a preview at what we can expect, we turn to lauren. >> good morning. this was sort of expected yesterday. we talked with experts that say depending on the outcome of the election you see a dramatic roller coaster on the market and they were right. >> we saw this year what we saw back in 2008. and obama rally on election day and obama sell off the day after election day. the day after the day after election day how are we going to open. the dow is up 30 points and quarter % gain across the board so we're not getting that big bump after a 300 plus point sell off the day before. >> or the big brunt we would hope for.
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to be fair, it all wasn't related just to the election of obama. there are still concerns about what's going on overseas right? >> yeah. a couple things coming together and bringing the dow below 13,000. that key level. we haven't been below 13,000 since august 2nd. we have germany. they are starting to feel the affects of the debt crisis in spain and italy. so that was one issue. and you couple that with this fiscal cliff going on here in the u.s. congress is very much divided. we might hit another recession in the early part of 2013 if congress doesn't have this moment that are the fiscal cliff. if you think you are not affected by it, you are wrong. 88% of americans will see their taxes rise by $3500 a year if congress doesn't act.
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>> okay. well, we're going to start singing kumbaya here. maybe it will reach. >> i have good news for you guys though. we don't have to end on a down note. job less claims. you know that weekly measure for the number of people applying for benefits. it was pretty good this week. we'll take it. an encouraging sign for the job market. might have been sandy with power out in many places. >> just end right there with what you said. lauren from new york. thank you so much. good to see you . >> we'll take any good news we can get. >> football talent tching the eyes just a 9 year old and a girl. i'm just going to say tony, we have more news coming up after the break. >> yes, we do. wisdom is taking a look at the election we think. we don't know what's happening. we'll be back with something else in a few moments.
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check this out. a 9 year old girl is becoming an internet sensation. tearing up a local tackle football league in the salt lake city area. and doesn't even weigh 60 pounds. 25 touchdowns, 10 point after conversions and rushed for over 1900 yards in her first season. coaches say she is the fastest kid on the field no matter who her team faces. she's been nicknamed sweet feet. >> and she's little. nice. >> look at the ponytail hanging out the back. so cool. >> how cute is that. >> great moves. >> the thing you do. >> and don't listen to people
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who tell you you can't. >> there's a new word for them. it's called haters. >> is that new? >> it's not new but wasn't around when i was a kid. >> we've had pretty good guests and segments on this show. >> let's do the forecast real quick and have more fun. more fun after weather? >> we are. >> he can tell us about what's going to survive in the winter. >> that's not our topic but okay. i'll ask him that at the end. >> a nice pattern change ahead. derek's going to love the forecast. if you want to get out and rake leaves this weekend, a lot of sunshine with warmer temperatures on the weekend. 44 in washington. all right. 39 in gathesburg. low 50s today. it will feel a little better than yesterday. particularly with the sunshine starting to breakout. and
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should be a mostly sunny afternoon. we're right on the back edge of our storminess. and the trend will be more and more sunshine around here. still raining up towards new york at the moment. and there's your center of circulation right there. very slowly exiting off to the north and east. as the storm continues to drag energy and cloud cover with it, we will see gradually clearing skies. it will be breezy today. winds out of the north and east at 15 to 20. it's going to be a blustery afternoon. let's talk about the pattern flip. it's been warm out west to start the month of november. we here in the east probably don't need to tell you this have been enduring cold. warmer temperatures on the way. starting tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. and by saturday, sunday and monday, temperatures back in the mid 60s. enjoy the next several days as we're
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getting closer to winter. cooler out there. still will be a cool day. winds north and west at about 10 to 15. here's your 7 day forecast. sunshine. 56 tomorrow. there are your 60s saturday. veteran's day on sunday and monday. may get close to 70 by monday afternoon. back to you. >> a second term for president obama who defeated mitt romney. >> now that the attention is off the race, turns back to problems much of america is worried about. wisdom martin is live to learn how students are reacting to the election. good morning, wisdom. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the very last campaign u. call it a monday morning quarterback. we're going to start with professor. you saw what happened. your reaction today? >> well, look.
9:32 am
you had a remarkable strategy execution by the obama campaign. a ground game. demographics. they understood the voter s far better than the romney team did. the romney team stumbled and people are going to be analyzing that and the future of the republican party. what they need to do to be able to win back the majority of american voters four years from now. we're going to be talking about that in class. the republican party. what happened on tuesday night and why it happened. did hurricane sandy contribute to it and also be talking about the change in culture. when you think about four states affirming same sex marriage. you are talking about a different culture we have now than we did 20 years ago. >> and also some criticism about governor kristy and his reaction. i don't know when you think that's fair. your analysis of what did go wrong
9:33 am
with the republican party. >> certainly sandy had an impact. exit polls suggested it. there weren't a whole lot of late deciders. what it might have done is reaffirm people's initial decisions to go with president obama. so i wouldn't put sandy in the upper tier but did have an impact in the closing week but the republican party has to deal with serious demographic issues. older white party that has a strong regional base in the south. how you expand that to younger people and minorities. and reach out to latinos. >> going to talk to some of the young voters. also had electoral college here. all the students right here. and the students picked in their electoral college for president obama to win. which states was it that you guys got wrong? >> virginia. >> and probably florida. >> but you guys how did you come up with the equation to any
9:34 am
electoral colonel to the best of my knowledge get it right? >> we record on different states and learn from each other. and the ground games and the demographics and made predictions that way. >> what did you think about the way things turned out? >> i think that the professor said the ground game of the obama campaign was really good and understood their demographics. and people really thought that the minority vote wouldn't come out and they definitely did. >> what do you think this means for the future right now? the president's got work to do right out of the gate. what do you think that means for the future of the country? don't be shy now. this is the last one. >> well, i think that there's a big divide in the party between
9:35 am
the older republicans but still consider themselves conservatives. the republican party is going to reach in different demographics and appeal to a whiter base. >> what do you think about the ads? what do you think made the big difference or turned its eyes? >> i think the romney campaign in terms of upper class and the class widened the gap. single women and unmarried men that had wide margins that boosted the obama victory. really going to have to look at that and address that in the coming years. >> thank you very much for letting us be a part of this with you. he told me he's going to give you guys all a's. that was a joke. thank you very much. anything you want to wrap this up? >> all i can say is thank you to the viewers. many people have come up to me and said what a remarkable class we have. and i agree with them. >> here's a look at your future
9:36 am
leaders right here. back to you in the studio. >> future looks good. thank you so much . >> well, a special delivery in kenya. twin boys born one day after president obama was reelected. their mother named one of them barack obama. the other mitt romney. barack is in the white blanket. romney in the blue. the boys were born close to the village where president obama's father was born. creative. i like that. >> coming up next, which celebrity wants to change his last name. here's the bigger question. why? >> plus a popular children's show hopes to lend a hand to victims of hurricane sandy. that next in the buzz bin. it's 9:36. 
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seseme street is doing a hurricane special tomorrow. first aired in 2001. tomorrow's episode is about a devastating hurricane that destroyed big bird's nest and left the neighborhood in chaos. the series ran in 2005 following hurricane katrina. last week the producers decided to air it again in the wake of super storm sandy. and one of michael jackson's brothers wants to change his name. >> is it tito? >> no. >> who is it? >> jermaine jackson. asking a court to let him alter his last name so he can become jermaine jackson with a u instead of an o. >> for what reason? >> we don't know. he filed a petition saying it was for quote artistic reasons. not sure what that means. while the spelling may change still sounds exactly the same. >> who said that?
9:41 am
>> one of his friends. >> wow. okay. >> just silly . >> there must be a reason. we just don't know his motive. >> hopefully we'll find out. >> winter weather arrived early. how can you prepare your plants and trees to survive? >> our garden guide joins us after the break with tips on that. plus clean up after sandy. >> then your winter gloves, hats and coats, most of them start on the farm. that's where we find holly this morning. teaching us about knitting and wool. we'll be back. where others fail, droid powers through.
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welcome back. this is the right time of the year to get your yards, trees and shrubs in best condition to survive whatever winter brings. derek thomas joins us now with tips on
9:45 am
what to prune and when. and he also has tips for anybody who hasn't completed their clean up after last week's super storm. we're relatively okay here. in other parts of the country, big messas a result of the storm. but it's time to clean up. >> it's time to clean up. the thing about being relatively okay. you may think that the tree relatively survived but it may have damage that in a future storm could become a problem. there's a couple things that need to be done now to prepare the plants for winter and going forward. things like your perenials. it produces new leaves this time of the year. what you actually want to do is go in there and remove the older leaves. >> they look healthy to me. >> they do but what's going to happen is they are going to turn like this proun one. go ahead
9:46 am
and taking those off, we have days that are testimony prate. this will be able to grow out, flush out and ready to weather the storm. plants like this cedum, it still looks okay. but if we get a storm, a snowstorm like what they are getting right now north of us, this stuff can break. cause the plant to heefb and disturb the roots. what you want to do with this is clean all of this up. it's going to keep the roots safe. you can do a nice top dressing and do any fertilization. >> i'm startled when you do that but you have to be aggressive. all of that would die anyway and it gets ladened with ice, you will do root damage.
9:47 am
you see how easy these are going through. make sure you have a good set of pruners. and make sure you are careful. plants like this shrub. it's got heavy growth that happened. maybe has growth that got damaged. if you are in any doubt, take it out. >> prune it out. >> you are going all the way down. >> that one has damage in the center. go ahead and take this down. reduce the mass and therefore you are not going to have as much plant material that ice and snow can damage. and then your plant is going to thank you for it in early spring because this is going to flush out. >> it really is about picturing what might happen down the road. we tend to get snow and ice. >> there was a lot of stem here
9:48 am
that had absolutely no support. if you can imagine these leaves getted weighted down. we're going to get you involved in this. we talked about some of the damage that may have occurred. i'm going to let you hang on to those. that's a big pair of bypass pruners. you see right in here where there's that marginal damage, people will be inclined to go just to here. what i want you to do is go all the way back to where we see a healthy node. >> down here? >> yeah. this is nice and healthy. take all of this out. there's already been damage there too. so come in and come all the way back to here. on an angle. perfect. we've taken out all
9:49 am
of this bad stuff. the plant is going to respond by giving energy to a healthier part of itself. >> fascinating. >> just making sure if you take a look at what the plant is telling you what looks healthy, what looks damaged. what may even be just hanging on. go ahead and take it off. we talked about it right after the storm. people who want to take a string and tie it up because it's been broken. go ahead and remove that part of the plant. and the plant will thank you for it. follow me on twitter. @thomasgardenguy. >> what else can i cut? all right. thank you very much. >> we've already pruned this. a good pair of
9:50 am
pruners. makes your job easy . >> be careful. this morning we're learning about a growing trend. knitting. it's not just for women. holly morris is a big fan of what's known as the fiber arts. she joins us from red gate farm in leesburg. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. knitting has been around since the beginning of time. but there has been a resurgeance in knitting. one is celebrities like do it. julia roberts, cameron diaz. we want to be like famous people. the internet has allowed knitters from across the nation and around the world to connect and inspire each other. started in may of 2007 and as of march this year, 2 million members. and then you have your boutique shepards so to speak. and that brings us to solitude wool.
9:51 am
and sue and gretchen who has been hosting us all morning long. >> i like being called a bow technique farm. >> that does make it special and people like to get special yarns. we've been talking about the process all morning. we have to have local other shepards in order to make this happen. >> that's right. we've got the romney from jefferson maryland. and the tunis from virginia. >> we thank them for bringing them over too. we talked about the spinning of the yarn and the dying of the yarn but you can show people what you can do. tell me about the things that have been knitted up. >> we're start with the karacle. used to make rugs but a great felting wool. you can do knit to felt products like
9:52 am
the bags. this is a scarf made out of the romney and we have a vest from local fiber artists who have designed this. and this is the bulky for a pillow. >> i love to be inspired and see things done like this. you might not be able to come out to the farm. you can't come out here and get the yarn. but i'll tell you one place. a new knitting shop that happened to just open in august on capitol hill. cheryl has come out to the farm. good to see you. >> good to be here. and look at her in her beautiful knitwear. we're seeing some pictures of your shop right now. tell me about why you opening the knitting lost and what goes on there. >> i wanted to support the local fiber artists. there are lots of knitters in our area. and wanted to have a comfortable
9:53 am
place to come and buy supplies and sit and knit. >> we went by friday just to see what was going on. people were in there knitting. there was a guy in there. and you have amen's knitting group. >> we certainly do. they meet at the shop every 2nd and 4th saturday. >> and you have a family knitting class. >> i sure do. parent and child can come in. the child takes the class and the parent gets to learn for free. >> i know you said you wanted to support. you are an attorney. you had another whole life. and now you decided to do this. why did you think it was going to work? >> well, i thought it was going to work because i love knitting and i know a lot of people in the area who do. and there wasn't a shop close by for us to go to. there are lots of people who don't drive. i thought capitol hill would be an ideal location. >> how long have you been
9:54 am
knitting? >> for almost five years. >> what's in the grand scheme of things but long enough to know what's out there. and you get to get introduced to new wool like solitude wool. >> absolutely. i love solitude. i've been able to carry some of their products and the romney is a soft squishy feel to it. makes a nice garment. >> it does make a difference if you like the yarn you are knitting with? >> especially with the colors the lady has here are so vibrant and alive. >> i'm getting this pattern from cheryl so i can knit. knit one of my own. here's what you need to know. check out the knitting lost. we have our web site that links to theirs. we also have a link to solitude wool.
9:55 am
they do farmer's markets. the false church farmer 's market on saturday. and so we will go back from where we started this morning. it all starts on the farm. think of that the next time you wrap yourself up in the wool sweater. back to you. >> i know when you were talking about cheryl that she started knitting not too long ago. and am i correct you did a segment kind of similar to this and you started knitting too? >> yeah. i was at a knitting salon called woolinders. it was about three years ago and while i was there i was like i know how to do it. got bitten by the knitting bug and doing it ever since. never too late to start. >> thank you so much. >> all right. we'll be right back. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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work of art that is so small you need a microscope to see it. micro sculptor is in dc today to be honored at washington's annual gayla. creates tiny sculptures in the eye of a needle. he works under a micro scope and uses a huge an eyelash to paint the sculptures. >> it's her magesty's crown. >> sometimes he uses gold. grains of sand. it's amazing. >> incredible. he said he can hallow out a human hair. >> all right. >> there's your 7 da


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